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Ordering Online

Visit our online ordering portal and input your unique Customer ID and Password. You will have received an email that has your login credentials to access the software. 

Enter your Customer ID and Password and click on SUBMIT to gain access to the ordering system.

Screenshot Login - Del Bene Produce

Once you are in the system, you will see a calendar that shows any upcoming orders you have placed, as well as any holidays when Del Bene is closed.

Screenshot Calendar - Del Bene Produce

To place a new order, click on the “Order” button at the top right of the page. Confirm you are ordering from the right account. If you have multiple profiles on your account, you will also have to confirm you are choosing the correct “Sub-Customer”.

Account: This refers to the unique delivery destination within our service. Each distinct location, such as a restaurant or a specific franchise, is considered an individual account. Think of it as a separate entity that receives its own orders.

Sub-Customer: This term is used for different service areas within the same physical location that require individual deliveries. For instance, in a hospital or office building, each department such as the main cafeteria or a specialty coffee shop would be a sub-customer. Although they share the same address, we manage their orders separately to ensure precise delivery.

Screenshot StartOrder - Del Bene Produce
Screenshot SelectAccount - Del Bene Produce

Once you have confirmed you are placing an order for the correct account, choose your delivery date and click “Next” to proceed with your order.

Screenshot SubCustomer - Del Bene Produce

You will now be taken to your order entry where you will see your profile’s unique products. You can easily request to remove or add items to your profile to make for quick and efficient ordering. To place your order:

Note: If you don’t see any products in your profile, please contact your sales rep to get your profile set up.

Add Items to Your Cart:

Click the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons to adjust quantities and click the star icon to request the addition of items to your permanent profile.

Screenshot AddItem - Del Bene Produce

Search for Items:

Use the filtering options or the search box to find items either from your profile or the full catalog.

Screenshot Search - Del Bene Produce

Review Your Cart:

Click on the shopping CART icon at the top of the page to review and edit your order.

Screenshot Cart - Del Bene Produce

Confirm your order and click the “Checkout” button. This is where you will enter your PO number(s), the email you’d like to receive the order confirmation, and any comments or specific requests regarding your order.

Screenshot Checkout - Del Bene Produce

In our new system, no more separate confirmation number – your confirmation number is your invoice number

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