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exciting features our new online ordering system has to offer

We are thrilled to introduce our upgraded online ordering system, designed to make your ordering experience more efficient and convenient than ever before. With our new system, you’ll discover a host of features aimed at simplifying the ordering process and enhancing your overall experience.

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Calendar View

Your profile’s calendar will show any upcoming and recurring orders that are on your account. You can quickly click on any of your orders to confirm which products and items you can expect for each upcoming delivery. 

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View Past Orders

On each of your past orders, you will have an option to reorder. Scroll to the bottom of the sales order details and click the “Reorder” button and continue with the standard ordering process.

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Highlighted Profile Products

Your profiles highlighted products will carry over to the new software. After selecting your receiving date, you will see all of your profile’s highlighted products automatically populate into your order entry. Simply click the “+” or “-” buttons to add or subtract quantities for each product.

Now Available

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search The full catalog

Once you get to your order entry page, you will find a Search bar at the top of the page. You have the option to type the product or item you are looking for, or use the dropdown menu and select the commodity you are looking for. 

  • View the entire catalog of products Del Bene offers
  • Find what you are looking for with a simple keyword
  • Let your Sales Rep know new products you want added to your profile
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Order Management

Navigate to your Account Dashboard to find your account’s full order history. From there, you can find all your order details, sales order numbers, receiving dates, and important accounting and billing information.

  • View your current and past orders
  • View sales order numbers
  • View your receiving dates
  • View important accounting and billing information
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